January Update from Secretary and Greenkeeper

As we approach mid-January the time has arrived when we have to start
making plans for the 2021 season despite the lockdown and the chances of a
normal season seem very far off. The vaccine will bring some hope and I know
that some of our older members have had their jabs and hopefully most of the
over 70’s and those most vulnerable will have at least one dose by end
The men’s yellow book has now been produced in draft form and the Group 2
and ECBL fixtures have been put in our diary by our new Fixture Secretary
Morley Tubb to start at the beginning of May. We will keep you updated
through either e-mails, letter or notices posted on the web site if any decisions
are made by Bowls England or Bowls Cornwall concerning any possible start
date and restrictions that may apply.
Despite the lockdown restrictions a very small group are continuing to keep
the green and surrounds in as good a condition as possible whilst keeping
social distancing and using masks when necessary. I am aware that others are
willing to help but in the present circumstances the fewer people as possible to
get the jobs done is the best policy. As last year I am fully aware of the financial
restraints and will only be spending what is necessary and ensuring that our
capital equipment is in a state of readiness when required.

Update from the Secretary and Greenkeeper

As we reach the start of December and some positive news about vaccines Bowls England and Bowls Cornwall are assuming that bowls will be played in 2021 and are setting out dates and booking greens ahead and putting together the important “yellow book” which includes information about all clubs affiliated to Bowls Cornwall. Your new committee continue to do what duties are required but no meetings have taken place since early September, before the virtual AGM, due in part to government restrictions indoors. I hope you all have had an opportunity to read details of the virtual meeting which have been placed in the passworded Members Section of this web site.

We have managed to secure some National and County games in 2021 which always ensure some well needed income but also require significant effort to get the green ready and particularly from our lady members to provide the excellent food and drink.

As is normal in December and especially as the winter has so far been moist and relatively warm the grass keeps on growing and moss as usual is our worst enemy and needs to be kept under control. The other main jobs are to keep leaves on the green to a minimum in part to discourage earth worm casting and to continue to ensure that aeration is maintained to ensure drainage and oxygen passage to the roots and soil. All fertilisers have now been purchased for the 2021 season to ensure 2020 prices.
Our gardeners have also been very busy by building and improving our flower beds and keeping the banks and surround grass in a tidy condition helping to minimise spread of weeds/disease from the surrounds to the green.

Greenkeepers Update 18th Sept 2020

As we near the end of a very different season with little evidence of significant
wear on the green it is now time to close the green and consider the Autumn
Programme of work that needs to be carried out.
The challenge set out at the start of the season, when the future of any bowls
being played was questionable, was to maintain a surface that could easily and
quickly be made playable whilst keeping social distancing between green
workers and reducing expenditure in line with expected revenues. As time
went by and restrictions were lifted it was evident that a small proportion of
the membership wanted to play and therefore the green had to be made
suitable although not up to normal match quality. My decision at the time, to
reduce expenditure was to cut to 7.00mm and, if feasible, to only cut once a
week and reduce nitrogen feeds by at least 70%. As the summer progressed if
was evident that we needed to cut twice a week as growth was strong, cover
for holiday and an unfortunate quarantine and for that I thank Adrian and Roy
who took on the task. Thanks also to Dave and Brian who kept an eye on the
machines when necessary. My daily brushers should be remembered as the
job they do is important in minimising disease.
It is sometimes forgotten that our grass surrounds also need looking after as
weeds/disease can easily be transferred onto the green-thanks to Badger with
Adrian’s help and also for developing a new garden at the far side known
affectionally as “Badger’s End”.

Message from our treasurer

To All Members

An update as to our financial position:

As of today 41 members have paid the asked for subscription to help us through to April 21.
I have agreed a monthly reduction of £ 41 with edf from our direct debit.
Water is paid by meter reading so will be low to non existent
I asked, when paying our rent, to bear in mind we will not be earning any income before the
next rent is due ( watch this space )
Chris is making savings to the green costs both for this summer and into the autumn.
Following an email from Cornwall Bowls I have applied to Sport England for a grant to help
cover our expenses through this summer, mainly green costs, will wait to see if we are
So in summary I am convinced we will be in a position to carry on as a club following the
enforced lockdown but at the beginning the position was very doubtful, the members by
paying their subs. have guaranteed the future.




16th April 2020 -our first professional cut of the season- with straight lines

Our big challenge is to start with a damaged and worn green at the end of
September and to produce a green suitable for bowling for league and county
play by the beginning of May despite what the autumn and winter weather
and any turf disease has thrown at you. After this year’s rain and winds and
previous years “beast from the east” it is always something different.
This year brings a virus that has brought the whole world to a standstill with
nobody quite sure what the future brings but a future will come and we need
to be ready for it. I fully realise that there are much more important things that
preparing turf for sporting activities but in the context of the future enjoyment
and fitness of thousands of people it has a place in the life of many.
The challenge now then is to produce a surface for some unknown date in the
future whilst being aware of the financial constraints of many clubs and also
being aware of the governments social distancing rules. Much
advice/recommendations have been issued by golfing associations and I have
spoken to a groundsman at a cricket venue and of course I have been scouring
the UK for any information specific to bowling greens including Bowls England,
Bowls Scotland, Bowls Wales, Bowls Central, our fertiliser supplier, Alan Pearce
and others in the county. As with most expert opinion everyone is not in total
agreement for example for height of cut varies from 5.00mm to 12.00mm and
most figures in between.
Based on a full assessment of the advice, the budget available and the
personnel able to work either individually or in very small groups every
greenkeeper will have to make the best decisions for the health of the
members and the club.


Following the letter received from Bowls England on 18 th March Lostwithiel
Bowling Club have postponed the opening of the green until further notice.
The club will be closed except for important maintenance of the green, the
surrounds and the club house to ensure that it is available as soon as the
governments restrictions allow.
Bowls England are encouraging bowlers, if it is possible in this difficult
economic situation for some, to support their club financially by continuing to
pay their annual subscriptions so that clubs will still be there for them when we
resume bowling. The club will be contacting all members in due course.
Stay safe and we’ll keep you updated through the web site.


In my last note I was bemoaning the weather and consistent heavy rain and
pleading for better-well better has come BUT also has the devastating
Coronanvirus which is affecting all our lives from business, social, sporting and
community events and our personal health.
I am taking advice from Bowls England, Bowls Central, experience within our
club and colleagues throughout the county to understand the best practices to
ensure that the green is playable in the future whilst spending a minimum
amount when club funds are likely to be under stress.
With our green volunteer team we will be working for as long as we are able
whilst maintaining social distancing and taking suitable precautions. This will
also go for Brian and Badger who have kept the buildings and surrounds
maintained over the winter months. If when walking past the club you see an
individual or small team working please give them a wave or say hello but
please no hugging as we will be temporarily “anti-social” and “out of bounds”.



News release – Wednesday 18th March 2020


Bowls England has announced the cancellation of all its domestic events ahead of the 2020 lawn bowls season in response to the latest Government advice and growing concerns from bowlers about how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will impact lawn bowls.

The decision, which was reached at an Emergency Meeting of Board members and key staff, held on Tuesday 17th March, covers all National Championships, National Competitions and other domestic events. Discussions are ongoing with the British Isles Bowls Council and British Isles Women’s Bowls Council with regard to British Isles events this year.

Bowls England will be providing support and advice to clubs and county associations over the coming weeks to ensure the future of the sport – including plans for a proposed ‘Festival of Bowls’ later in the season.

Tony Allcock OBE, Bowls England Chief Executive, said: “Every organisation is currently coming to terms with a global situation that is unprecedented, to which Bowls England is sadly not immune. The National Finals are the conclusion of a long process that starts each year in May, therefore it is not possible for the qualification process to be completed in time throughout our 35 county associations.

“However, bowlers are known to be resilient and have proven in the past that they join together and support each other in the time of need. Now, more than ever, is the time for us all to work together to ensure that our clubs and bowling greens are available when it is deemed safe to resume our much-loved sport. So we would urge our members to commit to their clubs, keep an eye out for their fellow members who may feel isolated and be ready to get back on the greens when Government guidance allows.

“Finally, I wish to thank my staff team for their support at this time in managing this ever-changing situation. We have been inundated with enquiries from our clubs and county associations, and we will ensure that each and every enquiry is responded to in the coming days. However, our priority in the next two days will be ensuring that our staff are able to work from home effectively from next Monday”

The Board agreed that one of the most important areas of work for Bowls England over the coming weeks will be club support. Bowls England plans to provide advice and support on subjects including:

  1. Coronavirus Guidance
  2. Minimum amount of Greens Maintenance required so greens are playable when we resume bowling
  3. Funding (including Club Loans and encouraging bowlers to support their clubs financially by continuing to pay their annual subscriptions – so clubs will still be there for them when we resume bowling)
  4. Recruitment
  5. Looking after each other (including encouraging members to keep an eye out for each other, especially fellow bowlers who may live on their own)
  6. Staying Fit (including producing a ‘Bowlers’ Workout’ in order to keep members active during isolation or working from home)

Other key decisions taken by the Board were:

  1. Bowls England office to close with effect from Friday 20th March and all staff (including Coach Bowls employees) to work from home with effect from Monday 23rd March – support for Clubs and County Associations will continue as normal.
  2. Work on the new Bowls England Head Office is put ‘on hold’ until further notice
  3. In support of Clubs at this difficult time, Bowls England will refund the Affiliation Fees paid for 2020 by each playing member. Bowls England will arrange refunds to the county associations, who are mandated to ensure that all monies are then paid to their Member Clubs.
  4. Board to meet regularly via Skype/Conference Call to monitor the ever-changing situation, review the impact on bowls and plan accordingly – regular updates will be issued.

Kind Regards

Matt Wordingham
Publications/Media Officer
t.  01926 334609

w. www.bowlsengland.com


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