Author: Dave Burrough

Return to Play – step 3


Following the government announcement on 10th May, in accordance with its road map, Bowls England have issued new guidance which is applicable from Monday 17th May. The full guidance document can be seen on the Bowls England website but the two headlines which will come as a welcome to all involved in forward planning and the league programme is:-

  All restrictions on formats and numbers for organised activity under the jurisdiction of Bowls England will be removed 

  Car sharing, spectators and indoor hospitality will be permitted.

Although changing rooms can be opened we should still adhere to social distancing and wear masks when indoors remembering that our changing rooms are small and therefore of limited capacity.

The men’s league programme starts on Monday in Liskeard as can be seen from the fixture list which has now been put on line. Our fixture cards, which have been put on hold until some degree of certainty exists, will be available from the club house from 20th May onwards.


In accord with the rules laid down by Bowls England the
green was open as from today for roll-ups with restricted
numbers and booking requirements as detailed in the
previous news item. The other news is that men’s and lady
members will be playing league matches albeit the start may
delayed for some competitions and there will be for some
time a restriction on the number of bowlers on the green at
any one time. All current members should contact either the
secretary or treasurer as soon as possible if they want to
rejoin as affiliations to Bowls Cornwall have to be submitted
before 1 st May.
Instead of the normal taster days in April we will be joining in
with Bowls England’s Big Weekend on 29 th -31 st May when
national advertising will promote the sport.
Look out for more local advertising nearer the day.


We will be opening the green for members from 15th April based on restrictions as summarised below. We will not be having a formal opening on 17th April.

  1. The changing rooms and club house will be closed except for the use of the disabled toilets. Please come in your kit and change shoes before play.
  2. You should play only on the three rinks as laid out.
  3. Singles and pairs can be played in the first instance—this is likely to change.
  4. No spectators are allowed
  5. Mats and jacks-one per team- should only be handled by one person in your team and sanitised after use and before storage. All equipment will be stored in the room at the back of the club house.
  6. You should book your slot with Penny Philp on 01208- 873169 who will keep your contact details for 21 days in accordance with Track and Trace.
  7. The green will be open during the following hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
10-12,12-2,2-4,4-6 and 6-8
Monday 2-4,4-6 and 6-8
Thursday 3-5, 5-7

As normal the green maybe closed at any time due to bad weather.

  1. Further instructions, if necessary, will be left in the clubhouse.

We are expecting further guidance from Bowls Cornwall about national and league competitions before 12th April but if restrictions continue we are hoping to arrange some internal club competitions until things get back to normal.

If you are in any way marking the green in play PLEASE use the large green mats provided.