Opening of Green 2022

Ladies benevolent runners up 2021

Charity presentation
Peter(Badger) Winner of The Cornish Times trophy
Peter (Badger) Winner of The Cornish Times Trophy presented by ECBL vice President Chris Dimond
Peter (Badger) Winner & Tim Carr ( Runner Up)Cornish Times Singles
Dave Burrough & Peter {Badger} Brock Pairs Winners of The Spencer – Davey Trophy Presented by ECBL President Brian Ilson & Vice President Chris Dimond (1)

Winners of the 2021 Bertie and Bertha competition

Opening of the 2021 charity day by the mayor of Lostwithiel

The Finalist of the 2021 Charity day.

The winners of the 2021 charity day
Green prepared ready for opening-15th April 2021
Badgers Other End March 16th 2021

Badgers End Sept 2020

Badgers End 25th June 2020

16th April 2020 -our first professional cut of the season- with straight lines

Our dancing greenkeeper
“Badgers” corner 11th May