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Cornwall Hospice Care Charity Day

BOWLERS RAISE £ 1,241.75p For Cornwall Hospice Care.

The annual charity day in aid of the Cornwall Hospice, organised by Jimmy Rule, raised the sum of £ 1241.75p. Twenty Four teams took part and winners of the trophy were Peter Talling, Pat Talling & Clive Edwards.

The presentation of the cheque by Jimmy Rule to the Hospice Representative Jane Appleton took place at the club with several members in attendance.



The club had a fairly average season in the East Cornwall Bowling League Triples. Torpoint Bowls Club were the League winners in their first year in the ECBL.

After bumping along for most of the season in the bottom two places in the League, a number of games in quick succession at the end of the season saw us eventually finish in 6th place overall. 

However, Lostwithiel have traditionally used the ECBL competition as an opportunity to give games to all players and especially to give new members a taste of a league competition to give them experience for the following season.

With that in mind, we used 30 different players over the course of the season. 

Of the 16 games played, we won 6, drew 1 and lost 9, scoring 52.5 points. Congratulations to Ian Burnard who was our most prolific player. Ian played in 14 games and was on the losing triple just once.

The task of the ECBL selector is sometimes a challenging one – there were a couple of occasions where I was seriously worried that we were not going to be able to field a full compliment of players for a match. I’m pleased to report that we came up short only once – and that was due to a mix-up with dates rather than an availability issue.

I must register my thanks for the overwhelming support I have received in my first year as ECBL selector and my gratitude to the hardcore of players who I could nearly always rely on if I was struggling to field a full team.

Here’s to a successful 2020 ECBL season.

Bertie and Bertha

Approx. 15 years ago Rosie Smith from the club started the Berta and Bertha competition. The prize for the winner then was a bar of chocolate.  

She then not only knitted the two dolls which are played for today but she also slaved away in the kitchen cooking a roast meal. A major fund raiser for the club at this time.

This years event attracted 22 players and even allowing for the sometimes heavy showers the afternoon went off well with everyone having an enjoyable afternoons play followed by a faith tea. 

Badger thanked all who attended and presented the the Bertie & Bertha awards to the winners.




Badger -11 Annie Singer -7
Chris Dimond 4 Penny Philp -10
Dave Burrough 13 Mary Wallace -2
Ben Purser 2 Janet Dimond -11
Brian Philp -1 Mo Berryman -3
Chris Smith 6 Karin Henderson 3
Brian Smith 3 Michelle Baptiste 16
John Berryman 1 Jacky Lambden 2
Morley Tubb -7 Rene Sweet -9
Mike Houlihan 14
Simon Barker -3
Chris Dunn -1
Tim Carr -7

Badger thanked all who attended and presented the Bertie & Bertha awards to the winners (plus the booby prize to the loser – himself).

The winners of the 2019 Bertie and Bertha competition Michelle Baptise and Mike Houihan
Booby winner of the Bertie & Bertha competition 2019 was Peter (The Badger) Brock.