March 2020 Bowling Green Update

What would I give for a succession of a few dry days. This has been my worse
year as far as getting on the green to do some work, with wet windy weather
and the green being so low lying, fields around flooded and not too cold to
deter the moss growing. It is imperative that we can start doing some work
over the next three weeks to give us a chance of being ready for the 11th April.
The green always requires aeration not only to assist drainage but to get vital
oxygen into the root zone. We also need to remove the moss to give room for
the fine grasses to grow with the assistance of higher soil temperatures (above
10 C) and a quantity of low nitrogen fertiliser. This year we are using an organic
fertiliser at this time of year.
If the weather plays ball the green team are ready to act.
There is always work to do around the green, cutting the surrounding grass,
trimming the hedges so volunteers are more than welcome.

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