January Update from Secretary and Greenkeeper

As we approach mid-January the time has arrived when we have to start
making plans for the 2021 season despite the lockdown and the chances of a
normal season seem very far off. The vaccine will bring some hope and I know
that some of our older members have had their jabs and hopefully most of the
over 70’s and those most vulnerable will have at least one dose by end
The men’s yellow book has now been produced in draft form and the Group 2
and ECBL fixtures have been put in our diary by our new Fixture Secretary
Morley Tubb to start at the beginning of May. We will keep you updated
through either e-mails, letter or notices posted on the web site if any decisions
are made by Bowls England or Bowls Cornwall concerning any possible start
date and restrictions that may apply.
Despite the lockdown restrictions a very small group are continuing to keep
the green and surrounds in as good a condition as possible whilst keeping
social distancing and using masks when necessary. I am aware that others are
willing to help but in the present circumstances the fewer people as possible to
get the jobs done is the best policy. As last year I am fully aware of the financial
restraints and will only be spending what is necessary and ensuring that our
capital equipment is in a state of readiness when required.

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