Update from the Secretary and Greenkeeper

As we reach the start of December and some positive news about vaccines Bowls England and Bowls Cornwall are assuming that bowls will be played in 2021 and are setting out dates and booking greens ahead and putting together the important “yellow book” which includes information about all clubs affiliated to Bowls Cornwall. Your new committee continue to do what duties are required but no meetings have taken place since early September, before the virtual AGM, due in part to government restrictions indoors. I hope you all have had an opportunity to read details of the virtual meeting which have been placed in the passworded Members Section of this web site.

We have managed to secure some National and County games in 2021 which always ensure some well needed income but also require significant effort to get the green ready and particularly from our lady members to provide the excellent food and drink.

As is normal in December and especially as the winter has so far been moist and relatively warm the grass keeps on growing and moss as usual is our worst enemy and needs to be kept under control. The other main jobs are to keep leaves on the green to a minimum in part to discourage earth worm casting and to continue to ensure that aeration is maintained to ensure drainage and oxygen passage to the roots and soil. All fertilisers have now been purchased for the 2021 season to ensure 2020 prices.
Our gardeners have also been very busy by building and improving our flower beds and keeping the banks and surround grass in a tidy condition helping to minimise spread of weeds/disease from the surrounds to the green.

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