In my last note I was bemoaning the weather and consistent heavy rain and
pleading for better-well better has come BUT also has the devastating
Coronanvirus which is affecting all our lives from business, social, sporting and
community events and our personal health.
I am taking advice from Bowls England, Bowls Central, experience within our
club and colleagues throughout the county to understand the best practices to
ensure that the green is playable in the future whilst spending a minimum
amount when club funds are likely to be under stress.
With our green volunteer team we will be working for as long as we are able
whilst maintaining social distancing and taking suitable precautions. This will
also go for Brian and Badger who have kept the buildings and surrounds
maintained over the winter months. If when walking past the club you see an
individual or small team working please give them a wave or say hello but
please no hugging as we will be temporarily “anti-social” and “out of bounds”.

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